shopping for a new carJeep recently announced the development of its newest model, the Gladiator. The all-new 2020 model is the first new pickup truck that Jeep has released in years, and many Jeep fans are already looking forward to snagging this new truck.

Why A Pickup?

With this being the first pickup Jeep has produced in a significant amount of time, it's enough to make you wonder: why release a pickup truck in the first place? If it's been so long, why is Jeep returning to this style of vehicle? The answer seems fairly simple: dealerships have seen more and more people looking at pickup trucks when shopping for a new car. In fact, light truck sales in 2017 numbered approximately 11.1 million units. With pickup trucks clearly being popular among those shopping for a new car, it's no wonder why Jeep might want in on the action.

Features And Specifications

For Jeep's first new pickup truck model in decades, the Gladiator will have to bring a lot to the table to keep excited truck fans happy. Luckily, it seems like Jeep has plans for the Gladiator to have it all while still retaining the signature look of a Jeep. The Jeep Gladiator looks to be the first open-air pickup truck, and as with any Jeep, you can expect incredible off-road capability. This truck is designed with tow strength and payload in mind, allowing you to take this pickup anywhere you need to go and haul everything you'll need.

Looking To The Future

While the Jeep Gladiator isn't available for sale just yet, it's likely we'll be seeing this new pickup truck on the road relatively soon. The 2020 model is going to be on the streets sooner than you think, so if you're planning on shopping for a new car in the coming year or so, keep your eyes out for this tough new addition to Jeep's standard lineup of vehicles.

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