Jeep vs Truck: What's Best For You?

Dodge dealer You're looking for a rugged vehicle, right? But what kind? Should you be searching the lots of a dedicated Dodge dealer, putting an offer in on a light Ford truck, or springing for a classic Jeep? In this post, we're tackling the age-old debate of Jeep vs. truck.


This depends heavily on the expertise of the driver and the modifications on the vehicle. Generally, a Jeep is considered the most versatile and easy off-roader, especially in comparison to a full-size or even mid-size truck. Of course, the terrain in question can be a factor too. For example, a lot of veteran off-roaders may prefer a 4x4 truck for mudding but want the Jeep experience on sand dunes and desert terrain.


No question about it, a truck will allow you to tow and haul much more than a Jeep. If you're planning on doing any camping such as with a towed pop-up, a truck is the way to go. You'll also be your friends' savior when they get their off-roader sunk up to its belly in mud someday and need a tow.


The Jeep has decent size cargo storage, but if you're getting an open design like a Wrangler, be prepared for not a lot of security. Truck beds are more convenient and large, but can also struggle with security depending on your optional coverings and locks.

Fuel Efficiency

Most people looking into a new car like a Jeep or Dodge aren't typically too worried about fuel economy. That being said, stopping for fewer fill-ups on long trips is both convenient and saves you money. This one is difficult to call; Dodge dealers are pretty excited that the new Dodge Rams get pretty good EPA rating and decent miles per gallon. For example, The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel gets around 21 mpg city and 26-29 mpg highway. The 2018 Jeep Wrangler is pretty comparable at up to 23 mpg city and 25 mpg highway. Overall, it depends on the model and year of the vehicle, and even whether it's a new or used car.

Jeeps and full-size trucks are just two general options, of course. Don't discount other avenues, like light trucks, which have been pretty effective at hauling, off-roading, AND having reasonable gas mileage. In fact, around 65% of all the 17.1 million vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2016 were light trucks. Ask around and jump on forums to get expert opinions before you make your final choice. 
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