Best Features For Off-Roading Vehicles

dealership If you're reading this, you're probably in the market for a new vehicle that you want to take off-roading. That's great, you have plenty of options! A Jeep is classic, of course. A Dodge Ram is a muscly option. Don't knock a light truck just because they're popular and not stereotypical mudding vehicles, either. They accounted for about 65% of 2016's 17.1 million vehicle sales in the U.S., and because of that popularity customization options for them plentiful. Many light trucks are perfectly capable of some moderate off-roading. When you visit your auto dealer, before you drive your new car of choice off the lot, check for options like these that will make your new ride mudding-ready right away.

Four Wheel Drive (4x4)

Starting with the basics! While some light trucks and other tough vehicles can get away with riding dry off-road tracks using two wheel drive and an experienced driver, most enthusiasts will tell you that four wheel drive is the way to go.

High Ground Clearance

High ground clearing on a mudding or off-roading vehicle is a must to keep the bottom of the vehicle's body from scraping ground-level debris and getting damaged or stuck. Many hardcore enthusiasts often invest in a lift kit to get the max ground clearance possible for their vehicle. In the same area of interest, make sure your suspension is reinforced or replaced with heavy duty materials to prevent snapped bolts and other disasters. Also, even a lifted truck does best with a simple skid plate installation to protect the vehicle's underbelly.

Tough, Specialized Tires

Tough tires with a deep tread are a must for gripping sandy, muddy, icy, or snowy terrain. Many brands make specialized tires specifically geared towards off-roading and rough driving. Not all dealerships may have this kind of specialized tire in stock or pre-installed on your vehicle of choice, but you can ask your dealership if they could put a special order in for you and pick them up later.

Low Range Gears

The low engine speed and high wheel speed you're used to in cars with conventional gears are great on paved roads, not so much off-road. Have a preference for a transfer case with low range gearing that helps you maintain control on hilly, uneven, and slippery terrain.

Strong Torque

Your vehicle won't be able to haul itself out of pits, valleys, and mud holes without an engine with a high torque number. Remember, torque and horsepower are different metrics. Horsepower measures the engine's power over time and distances, and torque measures the rotational or twisting power of the engine.

There are plenty of little details you can add yourself after-market: a hitch, a winch, a bull bar, a roof rack. During your initial buy from the dealership, make sure you prioritize these important features. Happy mudding! 
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